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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


NaPoWriMo 13-15

I got kind of busy, and therefore behind on NaPoWriMo. But last night I received a big illustrated book about seashells, and now you get these goofy seashell catch-up poems.

Small Poem for Large Shell

Where men are native
with this foot-long conch,
they dip its rosy-yellow,
lacquered throat
and tip it out again,
to bail their boats.

Small Poem for Small Shell

The ittibittium’s
the smallest shell,
so-called because
our scientists are silly,

and given scope
to christen it,
went for punch
above dignity.

Small Poem for Ridiculous Shell

It is called “the strawberry top.”
It is a sea snail’s house.
It’s pearly with nacre inside
and pink with pinkness without.

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