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Monday, January 06, 2014


My Resignation!
That sounds rather foreboding, doesn't it? In this case, though, it's just the title of my second book of poetry, which I am very happy to announce will be published this coming April by Shearsman Books.
You can check out Shearsman's page for the book here. You can read several poems from the book online at H_NGM_N, and a video version of one of the poems is available from The Volta. Poems from the book have also appeared or are forthcoming from Washington Square, Gondola, Columbia Poetry Review, South Dakota Review, LOCUSPOINT, Lungfull!, Open Letters Monthly, Saltgrass, and Bird Dog.
Also -- I would like to read poems to you! Do you have a reading series or know someone with a reading series or maybe just a capacious living room or centrally located treehouse from which I might shout barbaric yawps unto the rooftops of the world? I would love to hear from you -- just send me an email at reenheat-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

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