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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Green Irish Tweed

Last week, I ordered a smorgasbord of perfume samples, and they have begun to arrive. Among my purchases was a sample of Creed's Green Irish Tweed, a men's cologne that's been around so long Cary Grant wore it. Jeff is not really a cologne type of guy, but hey, it's called Green Irish Tweed. That sounds pretty Jeff to me. Also, I read a description of it stating that it "smells like a young man with old money." Jeff's been rocking the 19th-century landed gentry look for years now, so I figured this was a sure thing.

We tried it out last night, spritzing it onto a strip of drawing paper. Very light, green, and fresh. Everything very "high" in the nose. Not musky, which surprised me a bit; men's cologne equals MUSK in my mind. Sandalwood is probably the base here, but used lightly. Jeff nailed it: it smells remarkably like Irish Spring soap. Like a superior, premimum blend of Irish Spring, which is no slam on Creed. Rather, it's kudos to the makers of Irish Spring, for being able to fairly faithfully recreate a very expensive cologne in soap form.

The scent is masculine but not insistent on it; I think a woman could wear it, especially if she was trying to walk that light between outdoorsy and businessy; the perfect scent for playing golf? It appears to be fairly long-lasting: this morning, I picked up the test-strip we sprayed last night, and the scent was still there, a little mellowed out, but quite nice still. Jeff may try a splash or two when he attends a conference in a couple of weeks; it will be interesting to get a sense of it on the skin. Reports to follow!

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