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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Another Review; Conversations and Connections; Reading

Thanks muchly to Maureen Doallas for her kind thoughts on Applies to Oranges. It is beginning to dawn on me that the book really is out in the world, finding its own readers. It doesn't just live in my head anymore. I'm gratified that it has found happy shelter in other places!

On April 16, I'll be participating on a panel on the poetic sentence at the Conversations and Connections conference. Come out and hear from me, Mel Nichols, Magus Magnus, Mike Young, and moderator Adam Robinson as we diagram indirect objects! Or, more likely, talk about the use of sentences (as opposed to lines) in four specific poems.

And again, I'm reading on Friday, along with Jim Warner, at the Soundry, in Vienna, VA, as part of the Poetry Lab Reading Series, hosted by stevenallenmay. 8 p.m. at 316 Dominion Road NE, Vienna, VA 22180. Hope to see you there!

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