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Sunday, February 06, 2011


AWP Haul

Well, we survived! I have had more social interactions over the past four days than I would usually spread over six months. I am very happy that we live in DC, so that we aren't traveling today -- just cooking up some chili for the superbowl and recuperating.

Now that Applies to Oranges has been both written and published, AWP was a bit more anxiety-making than it might otherwise have been, as I was not just there to talk and buy, but to sell! I'm no natural-born hawker of goods, and feel a bit clumsy and flat-footed when I try to talk up the book, so I am really grateful to everyone who came out to my readings, took a promotional postcard, or listened to my spiel, and of course, to anyone and everyone who bought a copy! From what I hear, sales seemed to be pretty good, and I even acted as a courier for a couple of purchasers who could not leave their booths/tables. Huzzah!

My haul of books/journals/chapbooks/etc. was somewhat smaller this year than it was when I attended AWP in New York in 2008. I tried only to buy books that had been recommended to me or whose authors I knew, or -- and here's my downfall -- books that were too pretty to pass up. I am going to try to justify my profligacy to myself by actually reading and reviewing, right here on this blog, everything that I bought. These reviews will not be full-fledged, but will at least record what I thought and a little of why.

Anyway, here's a full list of the haul:


Adam Robison and Other Poems -- Adam Robinson, Narrow House
The Book of Frank -- CA Conrad, Wave Books
The Cloud Corporation -- Timothy Donnelly, Wave Books
Fables -- Sarah Goldstein, Tarpaulin Sky Press
Helsinki -- Peter Richards, Action Books
Ignatz -- Monica Youn, Four Way Books
Jeremy Schmall & The Cult of Comfort -- Jeremy Schmall, X-ing Books
Leadbelly -- Tyehimba Jess, Wave Books
Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie -- Joshua Harmon, University of Akron Press
Lisa Robertson's Magenta Soul Whip -- Lisa Robertson, Coach House Books
Mommy Must Be a Fountain of Feathers -- Kim Hyesoon, Action Books
Monster Party -- Lizzy Acker, Small Desk Press
Ordinary Sun -- Matthew Henriksen, Black Ocean
Play -- Liz Waldner, lightful press
Scape -- Joshua Harmon, Black Ocean
Shoulder Season -- Ange Mlinko, Coffee House Press
Thin Kimono -- Michael Earl Craig, Wave Books
Triggermoon Triggermoon -- Julia Cohen, Black Lawrence Press
Wolf Face -- Matt Hart, H_NGM_N Books
The Wonderfull Yeare -- Nate Pritts, Cooper Dillon Books
Disco Prairie Social Aid and Pleasure Club -- various authors, Factory Hollow Press

Chapbooks and Ephemera

The Baby is Disappointing -- Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr, Idiots' Books
Brave Men Press Coin Library (featuring work from Ben Kopel, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, and Lily Brown), Brave Men Press
Excavations/What a Lark! -- Joshua Ware and Erika Jo Brown, Further Adventures
Fish You, Bird -- Phillip D. Ischy and Martin Rock, Pilot Books
Heroisms -- Dan Beachy-Quick, Poor Claudia
How Some People Like Their Eggs -- Sean Lovelace, Rose Metal Press
Kalends/December -- Lea Graham, No Tell Books
Magpie's Box -- Kate Schapira
Nine Worthies -- Carolin Knox, Wave Books
Ragged Evidence -- Kimiko Hahn, Coconut Books
The Tide -- Jessica Fjeld, Pilot Books
Various Broadsides -- Notnostrums
We Know What We Are -- Mary Hamilton, Rose Metal Press


Agriculture Reader, No. 4
Matchbook Vols 2. and 3
Painted Bride Quarterly, Print Annual 5
Polaris Vol LIV
Tuesday; An Art Project, Vol. 4:2

And now to get started on that chili. Whew!

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