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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I had a wonderful time reading on Saturday with Anna Moschovakis up in Kingston, NY. Thanks muchly to Anne Gorrick for inviting me!

I tried reading a bit more slowly than I usually do. I don't think it struck anyone else as slow, but I'm usually kind of nervous while reading, and it makes me speed up. This time, I tried to keep from sounding like the MicroMachine Man. I think it worked -- not just in the sense that I actually did keep from sounding like MMM, but that it gave the listeners the right about of time to actually understand what I was saying! And they seemed to like it. Huzzah!

Back home in DC now, making plans for AWP, including creating some little Applies to Oranges-related ephemera to hand out, pointing people toward the wonderful Table X, where Ugly Duckling and a host of other presses will be ensconced, along with the book!

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