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Sunday, October 03, 2010


Car Crash

So, in the least fun thing we've ever done on a Saturday, we got into a three-car collision. At high speeds! Yay! Not!

We were on our way to my cousin's wedding, and had stopped with our left turn signal on, ready to turn onto the road where the wedding location was. A guy came up behind us and rear-ended us. The speed limit on the road is about 40; witnesses said he was going faster. Because we had already cut our wheels to turn left, instead of pushing us directly forward, he pushed us into oncoming traffic, and we hit an oncoming car.

All three cars are probably unsalvageable, ours in particular, as both our trunk and hood were smashed. Thankfully, everyone is more or less okay. A lot of bruising and contusions, some light-headedness. I got to see stars -- except mine looked more like a pulsating crescent moon made of discoball mirrors.

We got home from the hospital around 2 am last night. Nothing broken, no internal injuries. Just a lot of ouch. Also, did you know it is virtually impossible to draw blood from me? My veins are so tiny! Blech.

Anyway, here is our car, from the front and the back. It really saved us...the glory of a massive American sedan is that it is The Car You Will Survive. We will miss you, sage green Ford Five Hundred -- you were a mighty tank of a vehicle.

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