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Friday, July 02, 2010


Still bloggin' 'bout perfume over here. In fact, in honor of my newly perfumed state, I read Patrick Suskind's book Perfume last weekend. It was so stupid! The hollow shell of a better book that was not written. Quick read, though -- if you hope to get in and out of a fictional world as quickly as possible, that's your book.

Today's perfume is CB I Hate Perfume's Tea/Rose. First impressions: it delivers what it promises. I smell dry black tea, and I smell roses. I'm not sure this really moves rose out of the "I smell like grandma" zone. In fact, the tea scent, which is rather bitter, moves in at the back end of the rose scent, and cuts off some of its sweetness. The overall effect is something like the rind of a melon that will turn out to be overripe when you cut into it.

After this, I've got two more CB I Hate Perfume scents left (one tomato and one not), and then one mysterious Italian perfume with a tomato base note.

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