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Monday, July 05, 2010



So, on Saturday I took a late application of the CB I Hate Perfume Tea/Rose to a Bowie Baysox game. Came on strong and heavy (I applied quite a bit -- Jeff complained that I was stinking up the whole apartment with tea and roses), and then it faded out really fast. After a couple of hours, the scent was no stronger than that left behind by a scented soap. Not super pleasant; not unpleasant; not strong.

The next day was the Fourth of July. Jeff and I grilled dueling hamburgers (his: bison meat with horseradish; mine: hamburger with chopped onions, green pepper, and crushed doritos). I made sweet potato fries, capresi, watermelon slices, and strawberry shortcake. We invited our neighbor Jim over for the fireworks portion of the evening. We ascended to the roof and lit off a few fountains, while watching the incredible and illegal displays being sent forth from neighboring roofs. Then we went down into Lincoln Park -- a truly amazing, non-organized, community-centered insanity fest. Families come from all around the eastern side of the city with fireworks they bought months ago in West Virginia or South Carolina or similarly carefree states and which they have hoarded for months until this fateful moment, when they all gather in this eensy park and shoot roman candles at each other. Fireworks of an intensity commensurate with the municipal displays put on by small Nebraskan towns are just shooting off all over, with detritus falling out of the sky and into the hair of spectators (I caught a chunk of expended bottle-rocket atop my barrette), while some maniac off at the northeast corner yells "Whooooo-oooooohhhhhhssooshh" with every new explosion. I went back to the park today, and found it littered not only with bits and pieces of discarded fireworks, but with plentiful scorchmarks on the pavement. When Jeff and I were in town two years ago, the park was ringed by cops who just hung out leaning on their black-and-whites and made no move to stop the festivities, but this time we didn't even have the supervisory eye of the boys in blue to temper our kookiness, and people responded accordingly. It is but by the grace of god that no residents of the eastern wards are spending America's post-birthday day sans one eyelid, or an eye.

Today, the Fifth of July, it reached 99.4 degrees. Ahhh! Also, a day for a new perfume -- Lorenzo Villoresi Spezie. The description of this one makes it sound like they clear-cut a Tuscan garden and shoved everything that resulted into a blender. This was one of the longer-lasting scents I've tried, but it smelled for the first four hours strongly of cinnamon. Not a bad scent, but I didn't really sign up to smell like a cinnamon factory. After four hours or so, it resolved into a much more woodsy/floral scent, with a sort of cinnamon aftertaste. Nice, but not really me, and you have to get through four hours of smelling like Big Red first. A shame; I was hoping to break up my four different CB I Hate Perfume scents with a real winner (given how much I liked my last Italian entry, the Stecca), but it wasn't to be.

Funny that the first perfume I tried is the one I like the best. I've got two more CB I Hate Perfume scents to try, but given the short lives of the last two, I don't hold up much hope. One of them is an absolute, however, so maybe it will be longer lasting. I have three or four other scents I'd like to order and try before declaring the Stecca the absolute winner, though...so the summer of perfume may go on a bit yet.

Jeff was kind enough to spend a large portion of his three-day weekend going over some poems of mine. I have come to the realization lately that I am a very slow poet. I get ideas down in a rush, and then take months and sometimes years to polish, trim, and otherwise perfect them. It's pretty rare for me to write a poem and have it all or almost perfect right away. Maybe 1 out of every 25 to 30 poems. Of the rest, 10 are just plain stupid, 5 will drive me crazy for years, 5 I will finish but aren't worth much, and then 4-9 are possibly very good, but will take a lot of thought, over a long time, to get where they are going. But there is progress! Stuff does kind of happen!

I'm hoping to go gangbusters with submissions this fall; I generally have to force myself to submit poetry. And I often end up submitting stuff that isn't quite cooked (I get excited by the initial boil, and let it loose before it settles). Really, I shouldn't submit anything that hasn't had six months to hang out in my own personal slush pile...the good news for this fall, is that there's a LOT of stuff I have that meets those pre-reqs, which I haven't submitted for the simple reason that I am (1) lazy and (2) waiting for my life to resemble a Victorian novel in which the protagonist has a secretary who handles all these little details. Feh.

Hey! The Tale of Genji! It's still happening. We are reading it. In fact, I am reading well ahead. My favorite characters are everyone who isn't Genji. Genji is not like anyone I know or would care to cultivate, whereas there are a lot of other characters I would totally have over for tea. Anyway, here is my latest entry.

Other stuff! Well, we had a three-day weekend. Three days may be a bit much for me. Maybe two-and-a-half day weekends? Let's posit flexibility as an option!

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