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Monday, June 14, 2010


Strawberry Saturday

On Saturday, I made a meal in which every dish included strawberries. I was my own little Iron Chef.

Here is the fridge: everything that can be pre-prepared has been pre-prepared (including pie).

And lo, here is a plated dinner for three: tuna steaks with strawberry salsa, strawberry risotto with arugula, and a strawberry-feta-almond salad.

And finally: strawberry pie, strawberry ice cream, and whipped cream.

I didn't cook the risotto quite long enough (dang you, risotto!), but the flavor was amazing. The salad, tuna, and pie came out great. I am thinking of repeating the experiment in July, with blackberries. After that, who knows? Watermelon Saturday, Mango Saturday, Pumpkin Saturday...

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