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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Perfume Summer

Elisa Gabbert saw my post on my inability to get into perfume, and sent me some suggestions. After I made an unsuccessful trip to Macy's to try some of them out (I quickly fled from the horde of sales girls who descended upon me from an area of the store that was less a perfume counter than a perfume arena), she told me about The Perfumed Court, a business that will let you order perfume samples in eensy bottles from the comfort of your home. Also, they have a crazy search engine so that you can instantly learn which of their perfumes has "tomato" as a note. Two funny things I learned while poking around their site: there exist not one, but two perfumes inspired by monsoon season (I think I hear Edward Said rolling over in his grave). Also, they offer a "smell like a celebrity" men's cologne sampler pack that includes, among its choices, the cologne worn by Morrissey. Now, I like Morrissey plenty, but the idea of anyone buying cologne to smell like him is the most hilarious thing I've heard of in a long time.

Given that I am utterly unable to resist eensy anything, I quickly ordered seven different samples, including several scents from I Hate Perfume, whose line has interested me for a long while, in that they appear to sell experiences, rather than scents (Read a description or two, and you'll know what I mean).

With samples in hand I am going to embark on a perfume experiment. I am going to wear each of my new sample scents for 1 or two days, then take a break of a day, and then try another for the same time, until I go crazy or get to the end. I will blog my reactions. I start today, with Hilde Soliani Stecca, a scent apparently inspired by the tradition of throwing tomatoes at bad stage performers. Ha!

So, here goes. I am opening the wee bottle. First reactions -- doesn't smell super strong at all. Sort of tomato leafy, but also just very warm and earthy smelling, like being in the sunshine. I am really loving the smell of this, and it certainly won't give me a headache -- nothing alcoholy or offensively huge about this smell. It doesn't intrude. Wonder if it will stay with me? Stay tuned to find out....

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