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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Well, NaPoWriMo is over, and I have a bumper crop of poems. Whee! Also, this weekend was my first opportunity to not have to worry about writing a poem. So what did I do? I hung out with poets. A little backyard barbecue on Saturday, and on Sunday, I went to see Sandra Beasley read in support of her new book, I Was the Jukebox at Politics and Prose. Amazingly, I had never been to P&P before. It's a little out of my way, but seems to be a wonderful bookstore, and anywhere that hosts readings is fine in my book. On the way there from the Tenleytown metro, I passed by Fort Reno park, and was able to buy that most elusive and wondrous of dairy confections -- the chipwich -- from the Good Humor man, who was parked by the soccer field and raking in a fortune from a variety of sweating, be-uniformed moppets. Sunday night, Jeff and I participated in some old-fashioned porch-sitting. Happiness.

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