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Sunday, April 04, 2010


This weekend I have been engaged in various culinary adventures. Yesterday, I cooked scallops for the first time. Wow, they turned out great! But scallops also knock me out...eating six or seven scallops is like going back for thirds on Thanksgiving. Afterwards, I just conked out.

Today, I confirmed that I cannot make a pie crust to save my life. I just can't get the texture right...I mean, it tastes fine, but the dough won't roll out...particularly if the recipe calls for no butter. How the hell am I supposed to get dough to roll out if there's no butter in it? Nonetheless, I managed to make an extremely frou-frou goat cheese-basil-tomato tart. I just sort of pushed dough around into the tart pan until it was vaguely crust-shaped.

I also made empanadas! (We're having people over tonight to watch the Yankees/Red Sox game, and I am subjecting them to extremely non-traditional baseball food). And speaking of baseball, today's NaPoem celebrates the game that has become the central axis around which half my year revolves . . . of such things are a marriage made, at least a marriage to a rabid Yankees fan.

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