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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Your Personal Theme Song

So, sometimes I associate songs with someone I know. Certain songs either (a) are sung/played in such a way so as to be instantly linked in my mind with a certain friend or relative's attitude toward the world (or, conversely, my attitude toward them), or (b) have substantive lyrics that describe (literally or figuratively) a certain person's situation so as to do one of the two things of (a) -- either express their attitude toward the world or mine toward them.

Does this happen to you?

It doesn't happen so often to me, but maybe for four or five people, I have definite songs. They don't have to be super close to me. Some of them mere acquaintances, but something struck me about them in a way that could be nicely linked up with a song. There's something almost involuntary about it. Deep-seated. This always happens to me long after I first heard the song and liked it. Suddenly I'll meet a person who matches that song perfectly, and from that day forward, the song is associated with them, even though I first heard it and had an affection for it much prior to that.

I won't tell you the people, but here are the songs that I have linked to individuals:

1) Pavement -- Shady Lane
2) Paul Simon -- I Know What I Know
3) Wilco -- I'm the Man That Loves You
4) Wilco (again) -- Poor Places
5) Paul Simon (again) -- Kodachrome
6) Beck -- Lost Cause

Now, there are other songs/artists I associate with people because I listened to that song with them, or I know they love that song, or something. But these are a few instances where my identification of the person with the song has nothing to do with whether they like or even have ever heard the song. I independently arrived at an identification of the person with the song, so that now, whenever I hear it, I think of that person. Also, now that I think of it, this only happens with dudes! I have no lady-specific songs.

Maybe the fact that Wilco and an un-Garfunkeled Paul Simon shows up twice says more about me than anyone I know, but there you have it. How's about you?

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