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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Shot Through the Heart, and Thou'st to Blame

Oh, how I love Hark, A Vagrant. The continuing series of comics based on novels whose covers were designed by Edward Gorey pleases me. Also see: Tesla, the Celibate Scientist and Party Times With Richard III.

Earworms of the Week: The Macarena, You Can't Hurry Love, Bungalow Bill (which I always thought was Buffalo Bill when I was a kid. I mean, Bungalow Bill? Who gets nicknamed for a small, rural cottage?)

Yesterday, I bought seeds. But not tomato seeds. I have given up on my grand tomato-raising plans, as it is inevitable that I will be frustrated by squirrels. Instead I have decided to focus on turning our back balcony into a flowering bower of awesome. That also produces beans.

To this end, I have purchased packets of seeds for two types of runner/pole beans that are supposed to have crazy flowers and do well in hot, humid climates, as well as a packet of sweet pea seeds.

I also bought two packets of kooky heirloom watermelon seeds, which I plan to unleash on Ryan's backyard. I'd like to see a squirrel carry off a 15-lb watermelon, I tell you what.

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