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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Come, All Ye Fateful

Today was gray and soggy, like an unattended bowl of off-brand cereal.

But I've had many poetry thoughts buzzing around. I actually stopped on my way to the subway today several times in order to take down my thoughts. I probably looked like a caricature of a poet, sans ostrich plume and flowing tunic. And Prince Valiant haircut. My hair is more "disheveled elderly person" than "princely helmet."

I am also rife with cooking thoughts. This weekend, I shall create a feast! And perhaps buy an expensive casserole dish!

A Short List of the Most Ridiculous Cooking Implements I Own:

A citrus zester
An avocado slicer
A loosebottomed tart pan
Porcelain ramekins of assorted sizes
An ice-cream machine

I cannot yet bring myself to purchase a double boiler (why not just put a glass bowl on top of a pot of water?), or any of the newfangled items meant to either chop garlic or make lemons/tomatoes/onions/etc last for seventy times their normal shelf life. I have, however, been coveting an immersion blender...

Today, for various reasons, my bosses asked me to look up things with very very long odds. So here are some long odds for you:

Chances of being struck by lightning in a given year: 1 in 750,000
Chances of being diagnosed this year with the Black Plague: 1 in approximately 17 million.
Chances of a given cow's hide becoming part of a football used during Superbowl play: also 1 in approximately 17 million
Chances of winning the Powerball jackpot: 1 in 200 million.

This means that, for every Powerball jackpot winner, 11.76 people get the plague, and 11.76 cows are on a field of GLORY.

I also learned that there are estimated to be between 10^20 and 10^24 grains of sand on earth. My job is weird.

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