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Friday, January 15, 2010


Word to Your Husband

Jeff's birthday is Sunday, and in his honor, I have fulfilled one of his lexicographical dreams: ownership of the 20-volume OED.


The two-volume shorter OED just wasn't cutting it anymore. The new, bigger version arrived on Wednesday, and we spent that evening carefully prizing the volumes out of six separate boxes, freeing them from shinkwrap, and finding out that, say, the definition of the word "open" runs to 25 pages, and that the phrase "to ride a horse foaled of an acorn" means to be hanged from a gallows. Also that the definition of the word "pastrami" is illustrated by a letter from Groucho Marx in which he refers to someone as "the demon pastrami prince."

Yesterday, we went to the Hoyas-Seton Hall basketballgame, and as soon we got home, Jeff was already busily engaged in looking up more words in the OED. I left him snapping glamor shots of it, such as the one that adorns this post.

It is the gift that keeps on giving.

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