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Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Welcome to Humpday!

Oh yes! We have passed the 50% point in the official First Week Back to Work. Last week, I lived in an ethereal dimension of travel and hotels and eating fudge. This week, I have to work and be on a strict diet and remember all kinds of things and call official-type people. Phooey! But lo! -- the weekend approaches. Softly, slowly, on little cat feet.

In the meantime, I shall away to the movies! Tomorrow, Jeff and I are going to see Avatar. I'm not too psyched about it. War + aliens = boring dude movie to me, even if there is love and speeches. I still haven't seen Titanic. On principle! Because I am an enormous and horrible snob. In a similar vein, I have never seen an episode of The Real World or Road Rules.

Jeff and I and many members of the Clan Eaton gathered to see Sherlock Holmes the day after Christmas and that was awesome, because it was R.D. Jr. + Jude Law + Mustaches + Greatcoats = Nerd Lady Heaven. A grand olde time. But tomorrow I will steel myself to watch the horrid peach/pink/brown humans fight and love and learn Very Important Lessons from the bright blue Na'vi. Perhaps Stan/Kyle from South Park will sidle on-scene toward the end and explained how he learned something today.... but it will probably not be that bad, because of the 3-D, which should be interesting no matter what.

BTW, I am very excited about the weekend, due to my plan to Write Stuff Down. I have been reading many poems and taking many notes over the past week or so, and I look forward to writing some of my thoughts in a typing-type fashion over the weekend, perhaps creating one or more of those what-have-you poem-esque things. It will, with any luck, be a super fancy creative fun time that will redeem me in the eyes of myself (oh I have been so bad about writing) and also I am going to bake eggs. In ramekins! Because I am secretly hosting my own secret and entirely pretend cooking show. Shhhhhh.....

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