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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Poetic Odds and Ends

The Constant Critic is back! Huzzah, I have missed their reviews.

Tarpaulin Sky did an interview with Jessica Smith about Foursquare, in which Jessica mentions Big Game Books. And what is happening with Big Game? Tweaking the new website...there should be a whole new look and announcements in February.

Jessica also has an interesting post up about trying to get work from female poets, and getting bios in particular. I find self-promotion of any kind excruciating, and I'm an f'ing lawyer! I shouldn't have trouble being a loudmouth (but look at that...why is saying to the world, "hello I have some poems I think are good and am hopeful you would enjoy" being a loudmouth?). But I leave it up to Jeff to annoy me into doing even the least bit of "hey I got your poems right here!"-type stuff. I end up having to make the calculus of which is more uncomfortable, self-promotion or living with someone who is hounding you about your self-promotion. Maybe there should be grants to give all female poets secretaries (in the very very old fashioned sense of "some bright young gentleperson who thinks you are great and does nothing but see to your correspondence and will probably go on to hold a seat in parliament")...the presence of such a sprightly familiar might lessen the overwhelming and oppressive feelings that accompany putting yourself and your work out there.

Finally, I got a God Damsel in the mail! It is strange to see all the poems together: I have been reading individual poems from the series for a long time, particularly whenever Reb would put selections on her blog, but now the whole arc is apparent. I still am sad about the death of Woe-Dodo, though. I know I shouldn't be, but still.

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