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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


More Food (I Think It's a Winter Thing)

Last night I made fried rice using this recipe. I didn't use any chicken, I just upped the red pepper content. Still has an egg, though, so not quite vegan.

It was pretty good, despite a lot of people in the comments arguing that the recipe isn't "authentic" enough. Authenticity is not something I hugely value in my food, except to the extent that all of the ingredients are authentically edible, as opposed to being giant hunks of plastic or motor oil or something. The recipe as written could do with some more soy sauce, but that's pretty easy to adjust to your taste.

There will probably be more and more recipes on this blog, as I am experiencing a serious cooking obsession. Really. It is obsession. All I want to do is cook stuff. It isn't that the act of cooking actually makes me really happy (though the act of eating is pretty nice). It's just the means I am currently taking to reduce and channel anxiety into a socially-acceptable form. I have also gone through bouts of crochet obsession, origami obsession, linoleum printing obsession, sewing obsession, bookbinding obsession, collage obsession, etc.

By cooking through bouts of nervousness, I can actually eat my own worry. Sympathetic magic. And totally delicious!

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