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Monday, September 07, 2009


Poor Maureen's Almanack

On Saturday, a AA double-header (Bowie Baysox v. Harrisburg Senators) and on Sunday, the Nationals vs. the Marlins. We saw the home team pull through in all three cases, ate many fried items, and witnessed a panoply of silly games. Also -- it was a special kids weekend at both ballparks, so a good deal of the announcing was courtesy of the 10 year-old set. There's nothing like hearing a 5th-grader nearly pass out trying to draw out the syllables in "Cristian Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzmaaaaaaan." (Like the White King, I don't say there's nothing better, but there's certainly nothing like it).

Got some poetry housekeeping done, as well as some actual housekeeping. Pleasant sunny weather has given way to rain, which will be with us for a while. The three-day weekend has done me good. Last week was rather intense -- this cool-down period was well-timed.

Spent about an hour last evening on the roof, lying on my back, looking up into the branches of our neighbor's enormous weeping beech, watching the dragonflies that haunt its crown, as well as a variety of seagulls, swifts, and starlings. Very peaceful, especially with the low-slanting light that tells us we're heading into autumn. Jeff picked up pumpkin beer: this is his season, and he's celebrating. I've started to put my mind to thoughts of stews and pies.

My twee Jeffersonian tomatoes suffered some squirrel-based harrassment a couple of weeks back, but a new position and increased netting has deterred them from further incursions. The tomatoes are very funny: small (around 2-3 inches around) and not very prolific. Tomatoes from back before anyone actually bred them with a mind for size of either individual tomatoes or the total crop. We've had a few tomatoes off each vine: one ripens red and sweet; the other deep purple and tangy. I'll probably grow them again next year, but with a couple of other, more contemporary heirlooms. Also on my mind: peas.

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