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Monday, August 17, 2009


Public Health Announcement

American poets, to a one, have overused the word "sweet." Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. We've all done it: casually tossed the word "sweet" into a poem, even when it doesn't actually describe what we're talking about, or where another word would be far better. It's just so crisp in the mouth, and flexible in the ear. The upshot is that our poems are awash in it.

This is a major health disaster! "Sweet" is a radioactive isotope of English, and we have caused immense poetical environmental degradation through its overuse. "Sweet" has a half-life of one year, after which it decays into a stable, harmless state. Therefore, we must all commit, for the good of the nation and American letters, not to use the word until August 17, 2010.

In the meantime, may I suggest any of the following as a replacement?

saccharine, dulcet, candied, honeyed, luscious, lush, mellifluous, pleasant, agreeable, gratifying, welcome, refreshing, comfortable, cordial, genial, glad, delectable, dainty, delicious, inviting, winsome; heart-robbing, alluring, enticing, appetizing, enchanting, entrancing, enravishing, charming, delightful, felicitous, exquisite, beatific, seraphic, empyrean, palmy, halcyon, fragrant, aromatic, redolent, balmy, perfumed, ambrosial, sonorous, vibrant, harmonious, intense, fresh, tender, pearly, mellow, contented, cheerful, blithe, chipper, buoyant, jocose, sprightly, sunny, brisk, happy, joyful, courteous, gallant.

There you go. Enjoy...and remember...lose the sweet before it loses us all!

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