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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Running, Pajamas, Mid-Week Longing

Some random notes, thoughts...

I have begun one of my desultory exercise regimes. I do this maybe twice a year. I get up early, I go jogging. It lasts at best, a month. At worst, a week. I am three days in now. My legs are sore, particularly when I go down stairs. It's not like I'm running very far -- just around the park near my house. I am feeling kind of peppy, though, and I have been sleeping better, though it's early days yet.

I am searching for new pajamas. Many moons ago, while still in law school, I found a pattern for hospital scrubs, bought a couple of yards of cotton printed with saguaro cacti, and made myself some pajama pants. Now, they are starting to fray and become sad. It is with a heavy heart that I must seek their replacement. This is proving more difficult than expected. There are many places that sell "funky" pajamas, but they are either "funky" in a way that is not quirky enough for me by a long-shot (funky to me would be robots shooting each other with lasers, not "adorable puppies"), or is aimed at people far too young (patterns of women with shopping bags - like wearing the cover of a chick-lit novel), or is not funky so much as insanely expensive ($200 mandarin-collared pajamas in a toile pattern: something fitting for getting up and ordering the servants around in, while wearing silk-and-marabou kitten-heeled slippers). If I still had access to a sewing machine, I would just buy some crazy fabric and go to town on it, but alas, those days are over. If anyone wants to start an Etsy business making awesome pajama pants, I will be your first customer.

My current writing project is pretty silly. I am just trying to get into the groove of things again. I am writing poems based on a ridiculous western novel called "Bucky Follows a Cold Trail." So far I am producing insane quantities of atmosphere. That's my poetic specialty. Atmosphere on short notice. Mental set decoration. This weekend, I'm going to dig into editing some old notes/poems on the 2008 election, DC, and Virginia Beach, VA, as well as continue to take/organize notes for a still-largely-in-my-head project about neurology and thinking and brains and poems, etc., etc., etc.

Also on tap for this weekend: blueberry-lemonade popsicles, fried green tomatoes, possibly a stew, a new pot and dirt for my burgeoning tomato plants, and the mid-year wardrobe-expanding excursion to Macy's. Huzzah!

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