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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Jeff and I are off to Boston tonight, where we shall eat baked beans and warn people of impending British troops. Then to Connecticut on Saturday, and back down to DC on Sunday. It is our whirlwind New England tour.

I'm on my second week of running. Man, I hate running. I wake up a bit before I really need to get up, and spend the time until I need to get up thinking about how much I hate running. Then I get up and run, while thinking about not doing it, or who would know, or etc. I really have to try to distract myself (mostly with loud, pounding music), in order to get through a whole mile of it.

So I found this article, about a woman who became an ultra-marathon champion after brain surgery, pretty fascinating. They operated on her in an effort to control seizures. The surgery was successful on that account, but also damaged her ability to orient herself, or to understand how long she has been doing a task. So she can literally run for hours, because her brain doesn't actually know how long her body has been doing it already! Aiee.

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