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Thursday, July 16, 2009


I am fascinated by these photos from State Fairs. My favorite is the second-to-last, showcasing two young placid Minnesotans of obvious and profound Nordic heritage as they sport psychedelic hair-dos out of a community college production of Xanadu.

I have never been to a state fair. A county fair, yes. Those weird traveling carnivals that set up sometimes on the grounds of a church, or a school field, with approximately three rides and a ferris wheel? Yes. But I have not yet witnessed the majesty of a state fair and its cornucopia of foods-on-sticks.

I am hoping that Jeff and I can check out the Maryland Renaissance Faire this year. Renaissance Faires are the most frivolous things on earth, and they please me greatly with their overt silliness, pervasive anachronism, and smattering of people who are wayyyyy too into the whole thing. Once, I ran into a sort of renaissance faire in Spain. But Spain never experienced either the Robin Hood or Elizabethan eras that make up the American-style Renaissance faire historical pastiche. So it was a Visigoth Faire! Everyone was dressed like barbarians, with large chunks of fake fure strapped to their feet with twine. Utterly bizarre, and yet delightful.

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