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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Back to DC in one beautiful piece. And the tomatoes are doing well (huzzah!) Went to the Grolier Poetry Bookshop on Friday, and talked to various poetically-inclined persons at John-n-Elisa's housewarming party on Friday night. Then it was off wayyyy too early in the morning to Connecticut, where after many adventures involving a mysteriously shuttered car rental facility, Jeff and I made it to the home of my judge, and ate judiciously of lamb, pasta salad, etc. Jeff and I played crocquet with a fellow picnic attendee, and, using crocquet balls, Jeff successfully taught her to juggle! (Jeff's juggling and yo-yo talents are a baffling delight to many hordes and multitudes; he may be retained for children's parties). Then into New Haven, to visit with in-laws, and after a night of rest, onto yet another train, bound for home. I spent the hours admiring the verve with which certain New Jerseyans tend to their track-facing gardens, and re-reading and taking notes on Rachel Loden's Dick of the Dead and Kevin Prufer's National Anthem in hopes of producing a review...

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