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Friday, February 20, 2009


Hello! I have been hibernating in a well of psychic despair! The two wings of this angel of death are:

1) the economy. Fleeeeee before its wrath!; and
2) wedding planning. You are a failure because of your lamentable tableware choices!

I am feeling marginally more plucky today, due in part to a nice long sleep in which, instead of dreaming my usual dreams (filings that don't happen on time, getting left behind by my parents in an international airport, and eating delicious heirloom tomatoes), I went to a party where everyone was nice to me and felt compelled to give me expensive books of poetry.

The world is still very cold, but the days are getting longer, and little green things are poking their heads up, including some brave crocuses struggling to bloom although it was 24 degrees this morning. I am feeling less like sticking a fork in my eye, and more like my current spirit animal, a recently-hatched tawny frogmouth. He's a high-stepper.

Also, this.

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