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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Feeling very poetical today. Busy-in-the-mind. Hopefulish.

I am making a few hand-bound copies of my mss, "Moving Day," for family gifts this year. I am very pleased with the multiple-signature binding method that I came up with, which is significantly less of a pain in the ass than doing a kettle stitched, mulled binding into hard boards (yes, I know more bookbinding terms than you, and therefore I am more awesome). I will probably try to post some pictures later today.

I told Jeff that when the apocalypse descends, I would earn our living as a bookbinder, like in Colonial Williamsburg. He laughed, because he thinks that is less of a post-apocalyptic survival skill than say, being able to hunt, kill, and dress a raccoon, but I think that we are advanced enough to have a literate apocalypse. People will still want the news, and Bibles. I'm thinking that after the apocalypse, people will especially want Bibles. It's the #1 bestseller of the end times!

I found a moleskine that I half used up taking notes and things back in early 2007, and then somehow lost for the past year and a half. It is full of extremely odd scribbles and a bunch of bitchy/misanthropic things I wrote while listening to readings that I (apparently) didn't care for much.

Here is a representative page of odd scribbles:

I'm unconvinced.

Condos in Murderland

Portofino & its promontory

Flaming mallard confrontation

throw me down into a meat reverie

And here is a representative page of bitchy/misanthropic things:

Poetry reading or prelude to getting drunk? Begs question of why we don't just skip ahead.

all of poetry seems bankrupt & retarded

instead of writing, we should steal things

Poetry is what I do because I'm a coward.

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