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Monday, November 17, 2008



We had our first fire of the year last night. Big crackly logs. Jeff set up his camera and took firelit pictures of us reading large books and looking quaintly Victorian. The house (and us) now smells pleasantly of smoke.

My sister discovered that her pet rabbit, originally sold to her as a dwarf variety and now swelled to gigantic proportions, is actually a specimen of the rare American Chinchilla Rabbit. Here is a website about the American Chinchilla Rabbit, the best part of which is that, for size comparison purposes, it contains a photo of a rabbit next to a 3.5 inch floppy disk.

I have sent off my Dusie chapbook collective books to all of the collective members, and will soon have extra copies of the book (Catherine Wagner's "Articulate How") available on the Big Game Books website.

I am reading and learning about designing patterns for things like wallpaper. Yes. This is true.

I am annoyed by people who use the word "enormity" improperly in major publications. I am willing to be a linguistic prescriptivist in this regard.

Going to NYC tomorrow for a conference. It will be cold and I will hide in my hotel. Ha!

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