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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I have voted. It took about an hour and a half. I arrived at the polling place (a church a block from my house) at 7:15 and the line was wrapped around the corner...and the next corner...and the next corner. It was a fairly pleasant morning to stand around, although I was very chilly by the time I got into the church to vote. People struck up conversations with each other, and we got encouraging honks from passing trucks. Once I was inside the building, everything went very smoothly, which was a relief to me because I have been having nightmares about snafus, like being at the wrong polling place or needing 30 kinds of ID or something.

After voting, I clacked my way to the metro in my clacky-clacky boots. I was walking down Independence, which is a way I usually do not go, and which has a bunch of very odd-shaped houses on it. I came upon a little old man tottering along, who was concentrating very hard on each step. When I got near him, he looked up brightly, smiled and asked, "Do you have to be so LOUD?" Then he broke into gales of laughter. It was very odd.

Tomorrow I am going to Savannah for three days to teach customs agents how to classify steel goods. I have never been to Savannah. I will be staying right on the river. It should be fun.

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