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Friday, October 31, 2008


Behold! Las Tres Calabazas of Casa Eaton-Thorson!

Starting to climb out from under the pile of stress and work and akkkkkk that has characterized my life these past two months. Took a day off on Wednesday, wherein I read, bought pumpkins, and worked on a chapbook that Big Game is co-publishing with Dusie. I even designed my Christmas card. It is ridiculous.

Tonight I will give out many many many tiny chocolate bars to the tots that toddle up to my porch. On my way to the metro this morning, I caught sight one of those epic childhood moments: the in-the-front-doorway-halloween-costume-photo. A tiny towheaded Batman and his even tinier Bat-sister (wearing an inexplicable but adorable shimmery pink sheath thing with the bat-symbol on it) had been lined up in a doorway with dad behind them in the vestibule. The pair barely made it up to dad's knees, and mom was down on the stoop, snapping photos. Teeny Batman was making grrrrr sounds with all his might, as though to frighten off any Riddlers that might be lurking in the bushes. This made me laugh and laugh, because I do not find tiny Batmen frightening. Rather, I find them so cute that I kind of want to run up to them, turn them upside-down, and shake them until rainbows fall out. Probably the Riddler feels the same way.

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