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Monday, January 17, 2005


Oh, NPR weather guys, stop advising me as to the horrible wind chill; you do it only to mock me. Tomorrow I will go to work looking more like a living pile of scarves and hats than a human being.

Mandamus people: I will send you out your .pdf files tomorrow. I am sorry if it sucks/blows; it probably doesn't, but I have no perspective on it at all after working on it for the past week straight. I've changed the ending like sixteen times and I feel really depressed and I don't know if it's (a) because the poem sucks, (b), because it's just a depressing poem, regardless of its quality, or (c), because I've been reading novels in Spanish (all Spanish-language novels are depressing. The characters are either in jail or Los Angeles or some other stand-in for purgatory, and are usually being knifed to death by mysterious gypsies that are stand-ins for some big symbolic value), or (d), combination of the above.

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