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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Katey links to Eduardo's Notebook Challenge. Here goes:

Our Little Trinity

Getting Married in Rocky Mount

the HUGE parenthetical

"a cock rock poetry, essentially dull, Updikean. Don't wake the baby!"

dreary, proud and patient
dreary, proud and patient

her teeth are both even and tiny

6th Ave & 12th Street -- newsstand (poetry journals)

desultory games of footsie
"reality loads its long gun" (probably somebody else's line

It is distant, but still there.


every scurvy dog

Getting married in Rocky Mount

help . . . the doodling has set in

There's something about low level autism that makes you want to eat a big steak.


I notice also that Katey listed me as one of her idols. Therefore, she gets a love flarf in her honor, which I am working on now. Huzzah!

Besides which, we should have Poetry Idol. The first two episodes would be the judges groaning pathetically at bad, bad teenage girl poems ("You're no Frank O'Hara, young lady!") while occasionally getting so hyped up that they foam at the mouth because of somebody's poem.

Then --- the competition begins! Each week, the hapless contestants are forced to write and perform a piece in a different style. Will avant-gardiste Jerry make it through the formal sonnet episode? Will Oulipo antics be the undoing of the quietudinal Dora? And which poet will the judges condemn for looking too unpoetical (i.e., like everyone else)?

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