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Friday, January 14, 2005


I learn from Katey's comments that Court Green has a bouts-rimes sonnet thingy going on. Sonnets always make me uber-narrativey, and when I write them, they generally suck. Still, an attempt:


Let dogs into your life. Beware of June
And Saturn's movement, causing stress
With its weak transit. With the moon
In Saturn's dim-lit house, you'll long obsess
On things of small importance. So the snake
Should be your symbol: curvature will moot
Most troubles. Your best element is cake
With lard in place of Crisco. Jacks, a beaut:
You favor old-fashioned terms and Ms. Garbo
Was your ideal of grace. Eat cake and play
Piano, yesteryear's tunes. Be a hobo
For Halloween, but beckon wealth by day.
Dress your precious doggies up in rhinestone
Leads. Take no snuff. Always avoid cologne.

You should check out Katey's draft. She's the fresh word queen!

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