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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


A poem in 30 seconds or less:

No Scandal Shakes the Starlite Motel

No pay-by-the-hours, no congressmen,
Just the promise of the brand, a filtered wave
Or particle conflicting gently with your head,
So mild compared with its hot origins, as when a train's
Unearthly wail is rendered soothing by the heavy
Length of air it travels, curling gently in your ear.
When you replace the lightbulbs in the metal arrow
Pointing out the way toward rest, toward hold your
Breath, toward forget about it just for now, the
Soft ka-chink, ka-chink of the forever semis passing
Over an uneven chunk of highway should remind you
Of the noble purpose; no shock to the system, no
Pillow fight or sultry, tawdry ice machine melting
Into the concrete floor under a neon sign but the neat
Doors sheltering stiff laundered sheets and chintz curtains,
And gently from the atmosphere, the simple dictate: sleep.

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