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Thursday, September 02, 2004


Went to DEMO last night; it was better than I had expected, honestly. Political poetry kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies; I have the feeling everyone is going to show up with the impassioned verse they wrote on a napkin at four a.m. and it's all going to be somewhat adolescent and ill-advised. War and politics is hard to write about well. Many people seemed to realize that, though, and rather than reading their own poetry, read that of others, and those who did read their own poetry didn't generally appear to have written the poem in the last two hours.

Anyway, St. Mark's was packed to the gills. I ended up sitting on the floor way in the back, which didn't matter too much because they had a sound system set up. Extra vibrant/great performances by Anne Waldman (as accompanied on mandolin by Bethany of the Feverfew), the Living Theater people, the stranger known only as Zero Boy, and a surprise appearance by a talking nazi Republican mime (I kid you not). I stayed almost to the end, but drifted out around 10:15.

Best lines of the evening:

"Matriot Act!"


"The revolution isn't a movie that was shown in 1968."

But, then I went home and found this sitting in my room. Three inches long! Ugh! He died a shoe-y death.

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