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Thursday, September 30, 2004


But here's a love flarf, so you don't get lonely.

The Blue Ox

Mama don't put me on the tilt-a-whirl,
But I'll hang out in the funhouse with
You, small at one end, so big at
The other your footprints could be
Lakebeds, you could scrunch up
Some mountains for your pillow. One
Look and then you shift away, I shift
Away, but something keeps us paired,
All songs in one go lo-fi stream, one
Slo-fi shuffle. Watching those
Huge figures of steel and concrete
With their easy, unacklowledging smiles,
Woodsman, ox, I got it. Picture it this way;
Easy on your suspension and even easier on
The eye, Babe is in the parking lot,
While Paul is inside scoring beer.
They're a good team that way, know love
Is one watchful eye, one tricky finger,
A lot of looking smaller, looking bigger,
A lot of looking like you're not doing
what you are.

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