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Friday, August 13, 2004


Tomorrow is Mark Day at the Four-Faced Liar. We'll be there around 3 o'clock. Here is a Mark Day poem, replete with excessive exclamation marks.

Today is a day of Mark!

Today is a day of Mark!
He shall arrive on a plane,
Careening out of the sky
Like an ancient god!
He shall be ferried by taxi
And then go underground
By subway, like Odysseus,
And then he shall emerge
At City Hall! But he
Will not storm City Hall!
He will not drag Mayor
Bloomberg screaming
From his chair and ask
Why are you letting all
These Republicans come
And ruin our goddamn
Town for a week! No!
He will direct his steps
To federal plaza and
Smirkily slide his way
Betwixt the glowering
Members of Federal
Protective Services, and
Go up the elevator,
And there I shall meet him,
And we shall do a dance
And, poets: I rarely have time
To be clever. I rarely have
Time to be deep. I rarely
Have time to argue but
Today you won't argue,
Today you'll be shallow,
Today all your brains
Will be sucked from your
Heads by the almighty
Explosion of swaggering
Compulsions of moonlight
And beer and beards and
Birds and scientific clauses,
For today is a day of Mark!

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